Gold Coast Through Your Eyes

Gold Coast Through Your Eyes


When you think of the Gold Coast, what is image you see?  Is it the stunning beaches? Maybe the theme parks and images of kids and fun? Possibly it could the stunning architecture of the Gold Coast buildings?

The Gold Coast is different things to different people. One thing is for sure though, that all of those things you love about the Gold Coast combine to leave you with an indelible impression of the area. One way to record that vision is of course photos, and there are certainly hundreds of thousands available to you to view. Taking your own will preserve your unique take on Surfers paradise and surrounds.

When taking photos of the Gold Coast there are so many things to try and squeeze into one photo. Those with a DSLR will do better with a wide angle lens. If you have an iPhone or similar maybe consider taking a panorama to capture more of the scene.  Another option is of course to get further back and try and include a different perspective.

You could head much further down the beach and look back towards the towering buildings. Q1 Resort & Spa is one landmark property that is fantastic to include adding scale to the image. You could even take photos from down at Broadbeach and show the Gold Coast skyline to emphasise the size and proximity.

For the more adventurous at heart why not add a waterproof housing to your camera and take one from the surf. What better way to sum up the feeling of the beaches and buildings than a Birdseye view from the waves. An even better birsdeye view can be obtained from a small plane or helicopter flight over the area.  The perfect way to preserve that unique perspective.

If flying isn’t quite in your budget, consider a trip to the top of the Q1 Resort to the Sky Point. You can visit the observation deck or book a Sky Point  Climb and scale Australia’s highest external building walk. Now that is a serious view folks.

We would love to know how you see Q1!  So we decided to have a competition! Yes your photo could win you a 3 day midweek stay at a Q1 Resort Private Apartment. Open to professionals as well as amateurs; we are looking for that unique photo that best sums up the Gold Coasts Q1 Resort to us.

To enter send your photo, name and address and date taken to Selected images will be posted to our Facebook Page and comments taken into account when judging.

Winner will be announced on the 15th December 2014.  Requested dates subject to availability.

Open to professionals & amateurs. Image Usage Rights: Copyright will remain with the photographer. However, Q1 Private Apartments will be granted license for non-exclusive worldwide unlimited use for an indefinite period.


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