Q1 Resort Gold Coast Accommodation – Go Private!

Gold Coast Accommodation – Go Private!


When researching options for accommodation on the Gold Coast, you will be faced with a myriad of choices. It’s a holiday destination and a popular one, so accommodation options are many and varied.

You will need to look at your personal choices to best seek the closest match. Some of the things you should consider in your search are:

  • Your budget

  • Location of accommodation

  • Proximity to desired attractions

  • Size of the space

  • Number of guests in your party

  • Facilities available

The above will already rule out some choices and begin to narrow down your search. If an apartment is your chosen option you will still be faced with options. You can choose to rent an individually advertised property, one from an agent or even a Resort operated concern. There are many of these on the Gold Coast.

If the convenience and facilities of a large resort are what you are after, you should consider a privately owned and operated apartment within the resort. Q1 Resort & Spa for example has many privately owned apartments. Some are just one off owners renting their units and then there are a number of apartments privately managed.  Q1 Resort Private Apartments is one such concern.

So why book a privately owned apartment?

With large high rise accommodation resorts it can sometimes feel a little impersonal. You are just one of hundreds of guests. When staying with Q1 Resort private apartments you will have the choice of a number of configured apartments (including sub penthouses) and your requests will be taken into account when choosing the right apartment for you. You will deal directly with us and not sit in a queue. We are available to personally attend to any concerns you may have.

The other biggest attraction with this type of booking is that we can offer rates at much more attractive prices! We want all our accommodation filled, so there are times when we price aggressively to achieve full occupancy. We offer specials at different times of the year.

And when you find the apartment you love you can be assured that next time you come back you can stay in the very same room. No concerns about the view being different or being on a different floor. All this with access to all the facilities the famous resort has to offer.


Call us now to book your private apartment stay.