Switch off and relax on holidays

Taking a holiday is something we all like to do. We need to have balance in our lives and enjoy a well-earned break from the stresses of work and everyday life. A break or holiday is the perfect way to recharge the batteries and unwind.

That being said many people find it very difficult to truly relax and enjoy a break. They feel like by the time they have wound down and truly started enjoying their getaway, it’s time to go home. So how do you learn to relax totally and give in to the pleasures of your well-earned holiday?

  • Include some time for exercise or activity on your holiday

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hit the jogging track or hire a bike as soon as you land, but maybe just go for a walk.  It’s a great way to get acquainted with your new surroundings. Try and avoid flopping in a chair and drinking or eating too much. Head to the pool for a swim and enjoy a sunbake or walk along the beach. Maybe gold is your thing, try a local course and take in the vista. It’s amazing how much a change of air and scenery can help you unwind.

  • Turn off your mobile devices

Whilst you may be an integral part of your work, try and limit how much communication you are tempted to check on when on holidays. It may not be practical to turn things off all together but maybe limit the time you check emails and calls to an hour in the mornings and another in the evening. Let colleagues know you are doing this, it will make their lives easier too.

  • Immerse yourself in new adventures

Try something new on holidays.  It can be anything from visiting a museum or art gallery and allowing time to enjoy something new, to daring to participate in something out of the ordinary. Maybe now is a good time to do a sky dive or a bungee jump. Incredible how the mind can easily switch off daily thoughts when the adrenaline rush of a new thrill is present

  • Stay somewhere out of the ordinary

A holiday should be something different.  This may mean a camping experience in a unique location or indeed just the simple pleasure of luxurious accommodation. Having the space and mod cons that make your holiday an escape can be so helpful to unwinding and letting go

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